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All cakes are layered with your choice of cake and filling flavor.

6" cake - Starts at $40
8" cake - Starts at $50
10" cake - Starts at $60
12" cake - Starts at $70
14" cake - Starts at $80

* All cakes including tiered cake and sculpted cakes are individually priced depending on size, design, and labor.

* Each cake layer will consist of three stacked cakes. If there are more than three cakes per layer it will be considered a two tiered cake. ie. Six layer rainbow cake.

* Delivery and set up is available and recommended for an additional charge on large or tiered cakes.


Minimum order 2 dozen.

$20/dozen regular sized cupcakes (no decoration). All cupcakes are topped with buttercream swirls.

Customized toppers can be requested, and are extra. Prices vary depending upon design and labor.

Cake Pops:

Unfortunately I do not make cake pops. I focus primarily on cakes and cupcakes.

Available for an additional charge.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Anna's giant cupcake

This giant cupcake was made for some friend's of our's daughter Anna who was turning 3. The birthday girl specifically said that she wanted a blue wrapper with light pink frosting and a darker pink 3 on top, so that is exactly what she got. The cake was white with strawberry buttercream filling and homemade marshmallow fondant was used for the wrapper, sprinkles and 3 on top. I also made Rice Krispy treat magic wands, similar to the ones I made a few months back for my daughter's birthday, but somehow I forgot to take pictures of those. Happy 3rd birthday Anna!

Twin boy baby shower cupcakes

These cupcakes were made for a baby shower for a women having twin boy's! They wanted to match the invitations which had double baby bottles in brown and blue. 1/2 of the cupcakes were chocolate with vanilla buttercream and the other 1/2 were vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. 1/2 of the toppers had the double baby bottles that matched the invites and the other 1/2 had "Oh Boy, Oh Boy" indicating that there is going to be 2 boys... pretty clever, but I can't take credit for that, the sister of the Mommy-to-be did! :) Congratulations on your soon to be 2 baby boys!!

Clair's hula girl cake

This cake was made for a young girl turning 6. She was having a hula themed party so she decided that she wanted a hula girl cake. I was told that she chose this theme because she wanted to show all of her friends that she can hula hoop (how cute is that?)! The cake was white with chocolate buttercream/chocolate chip filling. Happy 6th birthday Clair!

Dan's 50th Birthday tiki bar cake!

This cake was made for a friend's Uncle who was coming in town the same week he was celebrating his 50th birthday. A Caribbean style cake with "Dan" holding a drink lounging on a beach chair was specifically asked for. The cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream/Oreo filling. The tiki bar was made from Rice Krispy treats then covered in fondant, and all decorations... the palm tree's, "Dan," beach chair, bar stools, drinks, surfboard, water, wood sign were all made from homemade marshmallow fondant. White chocolate sea shells and crushed graham crackers used for the sand were finishing touches. 40 palm tree sugar cookies were also made. Happy 5oth birthday Dan!

Sugar cookies...

Tiki bar...


Happy 50th Birthday sign...

Ryan's 3D football cake

This cake was made for a young boy turning 2. The cake was white with chocolate buttercream/chocolate chip filling. Happy 2nd birthday Ryan!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anjali's 2nd birthday Dora cake!

This cake was made for my daughter Anjali's 2nd birthday. She really isn't into anything, but whenever she see's Dora she get's a bit excited, so we, and when I say we, I mean my sister-in-law Katie and I, decided to make her a Dora cake. The bottom tier was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream/chocolate chip filling... for all of the chocolate lovers, and the top tier was white cake with strawberry buttercream filling. Dora is a doll that I bought, due to the lack of time not being able to make my own fondant figurine. Stars, flowers, stripes, border, and banner were all made from homemade marshmallow fondant. I especially love the faces on the stars... which give the cake the perfect finishing touches. Happy 2nd birthday Anjali!

Crashaya's Hannah Montana cake

This cake was made for a young girl turning 8 who just so happens to be a huge Hannah Montana fan. The cake is yellow with strawberry buttercream filling. The picture is actually a photo which I covered with clear contact paper, and the stars, animal print, and border to the picture were made from homemade marshmallow fondant. I really love the way this cake turned out... I even received an email from the lady who ordered it saying that the birthday girl screamed with excitement when she saw her cake! Happy birthday Crashaya!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nathan's Stegosaurus cake

This cake was made for a young boy turning 2, and was based on a stegosaurus from his favorite book called "Dinosaur." The cake was yellow with almond flavoring and raspberry buttercream filling. The dino's body was also cake and was covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. His head, legs, tail and spikes were also fondant. Happy birthday Nathan!

Dino sugar cookies

Over the Hill!

I really don't think that I have to explain what this cake is all about, other than that it was made for a surprise 40th birthday for a guy named Mike! The cake had alternating layers of chocolate and white cake, and had chocolate buttercream/chocolate chip filling. Signs and rocks were made from homemade marshmallow fondant, and trees were ice cream cones. Happy 40th Mike!

Antonio's Lightning McQueen cupcake cake

This cake was made for a young boy turning 3 who wanted Lightning McQueen and cupcakes for his birthday. 30 cupcakes were used to create the cake... 1/2 white with Oreo buttercream, 1/2 confetti with vanilla buttercream, and Lightning McQueen was made by doing a frozen buttercream transfer. This was my first attempt at making a cupcake cake, and overall I think this cake turned out great. Happy birthday Antonio!


I was asked by a girl I know if I can make a coin cake for her husband who is opening up a coin shop. He has been looking for a 1914 penny for sometime now, so that is what was made. The cake was marble with vanilla buttercream/chocolate chip filling, the penny was made from homemade marshmallow fondant and brushed with copper luster dust, and the sides of the cake were also brushed with luster dust to give it an aged look!

Another view...

Chocolate Malt ball cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate pudding frosting topped with Malt balls.