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All cakes are layered with your choice of cake and filling flavor.

6" cake - Starts at $40
8" cake - Starts at $50
10" cake - Starts at $60
12" cake - Starts at $70
14" cake - Starts at $80

* All cakes including tiered cake and sculpted cakes are individually priced depending on size, design, and labor.

* Each cake layer will consist of three stacked cakes. If there are more than three cakes per layer it will be considered a two tiered cake. ie. Six layer rainbow cake.

* Delivery and set up is available and recommended for an additional charge on large or tiered cakes.


Minimum order 2 dozen.

$20/dozen regular sized cupcakes (no decoration). All cupcakes are topped with buttercream swirls.

Customized toppers can be requested, and are extra. Prices vary depending upon design and labor.

Cake Pops:

Unfortunately I do not make cake pops. I focus primarily on cakes and cupcakes.

Available for an additional charge.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mickey Mouse

M-I-CCCC-K-E-YYYY M-O-U-S-EEE! (sorry, I couldn't resist... you can probably tell that I have young children). Anyway...

This was made for a little boy who was turning 3. The top layer was vanilla and the bottom was chocolate all with vanilla buttercream frosting. I really like how this cake turned out... I especially like the confetti/silly string looking top border. It was something that I never did before, but I thought would be cute considering it was for a child. I also added small polka dots to the side of the cake which aren't shown because I took the picture before it was done, and the girl picked it up as I was finishing, so I forgot to take another picture. Happy Birthday Zackary!

Arc Trooper

This was made for the same friends that I did the gumball machine for. Their son likes Star Wars, and really wanted a storm trooper cake. Specifically, the white and yellow arc trooper. So low and behold... here it is. I tried mimicking the wording that is shown in the beginning of the movies when the story is being told and the writing is flying off into space (you could tell better in person when looking from the front and bending down low). I really don't know how else to explain it, but if you have seen the movies, and really, who hasn't, then you probably know what I am talking about. Happy Birthday Christopher!

Valentine cookies

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gumball machine

This was made for some friends of our's son Christopher who is turning 6. The base is completely funfetti and the gumball machine is funfetti and pound cake mixed. Everything is edible except for the round plastic fish bowl holding the gumballs and the bowl on top of the fish bowl... which is covered in fondant. Such a fun cake to make! This particular friend who it was made for is obsessed with funfetti and I think really likes to challenge me. It looks like a fairly simple cake, but the construction took a bit longer than expected because I had to do alot of work to make sure all the gumballs would be supported. I also made the treasure chest for her as well as the giant spider and bugs. Next week I have to do a storm trooper for her, so stay tuned! Happy Birthday Topher!

Friday, February 13, 2009

What a sad day here in Buffalo!

I'm sure that everyone has heard, but at 10:20 pm yesterday February 12, 2008, a Continental Airlines plane flight #3407 coming from Newark and just about to touch down in Buffalo crashed in Clarence, NY. What is very scary to me is that we live just about 5 minutes from the plane crash site, as well as so many of our friends living even closer. It is so hard to imagine that something so horrible can take place so close to home. I feeling so lucky because nobody we knew was on that flight, but some friends of ours had some close calls with family and friends' flights being late causing them to miss that flight. Buffalo is a very tight knit community, and I have a feeling that this tragic event will be felt by the community for quite some time. My heart goes out to all of the families and friends who have lost loved ones.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My new blog design!

Woohoo!!! My new blog design is finally finished, and I couldn't be more pleased! I would like to give a huge thank you to Sherbert Blossom Designs who created my beautiful new page. They do all sorts of designing from website design to invitations... so if you are looking for anything along those lines, I strongly encourage you to check them out. They do sensational work, and you won't be disappointed!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Princess Malena's Castle!

My daughter turned 3 years old, and decided that she wanted a princess party, so we decided to make a princess castle cake. If you ask what her what her name is, she will proudly tell you that her name is princess Malena! (It must be nice living in a fantasy world). All the girls came dressed as princess which was so adorable... we even had a boy dressed as Batman! Anyway, the bottom layer was chocolate, and the top was white all with vanilla buttercream frosting. Paper towel rolls were used for the towers and then wrapped in fondant, ice cream cones that are on top of the towers were rolled in purple chocolate and then sprinkled heavily with edible sparkles, all of the flowers were fondant and were made by my sister-in-law, and princess figurines were used for the finishing touches. Happy 3rd birthday Princess Malena!

Rice Krispy magic wands

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out!! These were made for my daughters princess birthday. Adorable and very fun to make!

Chocolate lollipops

Chocolate flower lollipops for my daughters birthday.


Some friends asked me to make a simple cake for their sister who was in town for a visit with her boyfriend but leaving to go back to school in Italy. The cake was chocolate with raspberry buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.

Layered rainbow Jello

My daughter turned 3 years old, so I whipped up these jello cups for her to take to school to share with all of her classmates. I thought they were so cute, so I couldn't resist adding them to my creations! (The blind was open, so you can see the trees through the jello... something I didn't notice until I uploaded the pics).